Community & Charity

We are not just passionate about property we are passionate, about our community and making sure we give back.

During Covid, we chose to help the community by creating a group for people to volunteer and register for help. Quickly reaching more than 300 members, with the help of Matt Hackett at The Wonky Agency we created a community website for Chalfont St Peter ( allowing local residents to find help, offer help and be a hub of information. This is continues to be updated weekly with local events, business information and charities within the area.

For local information, sign up to the newsletter on

Age Concern GX Plus is a charity that helps the elderly in Chalfont St Peter, Chalfont St Giles and Gerrards Cross with social contact, education and financial planning. Chris Burgess (the chairwoman) introduced the charity to me during the Covid Crisis and donated £2000 to the village to help the elderly. They are a fantastic local charity, but unfortunately due to Covid, the majority of their events have been postponed, but once back up and running Sarah is down as a cook and I am down as a driver for the Friday lunch club.
If you would like to know more about the charity, give me a call and I can introduce to you Chris.

British Heart Foundation, is a nationally known charity but one which has helped us as a family. So we support this throughout the year with donations. A fundamental charity to those who need help.

We hope to invest a minimum of 5% of our profits back into the charities we support.

If you are a local group, charity, school or team that need support or sponsorship please do get in contact. We love to hear from everyone, if we can’t help we may know a company that can.